Math and reading: determining importance

Our December staff meeting will be devoted to the reading (thinking) strategy determining importance. The math department has been asked to present examples of student work and ways this strategy was implemented in the classroom.

I created this think aloud and worksheet for my pre-algebra students. My thoughts are to present and walk through the steps to solve the problem.determining importance

I’ll continue modeling how I solve the problem, then the students will have a turn solving this problem:

The sum of the ages of Elmira, Geoff and Rae is 82. If Elmira adds 6 to Geoff’s age, subtracts 8 from Rae’s age, or doubles her own age, it will equal Doug’s age. How old is Doug?

I’ll be curious to see how well they determine what’s important in the problem. Also, the age problem doesn’t prompt the students to create an equation.

We are almost at the point of introducing two step and multi-step equations so this problem will be good timing.


4 thoughts on “Math and reading: determining importance

  1. Thanks so much for commenting on my literacy post and linking me to your resources! I love seeing what others are doing to include ELA in math. Your resources are great, thanks again…oddly enough I already had your blog on my Feedly!

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