I’m in love with GeoGebra!

My sixth graders and I dig GeoGebra. The students have spent the better part of the quarter diving deep into geometry and GeoGebra has been my anchor activity on many occasions. I worked on curriculum writing over the summer–writing targets, common assessments, etc. Yet the fun, creative part for me was gathering GeoGebra resources and organizing them into a 6th grade geometry wiki.  With GeoGebra, the kids discovered area of triangles, parallelograms, and soon, trapezoids.  Next they’ll examine volume and surface area with the GeoGebra applets.

The kids are incredibly engaged. Not because it’s technology. The applets are well designed learning tools. All they need to do is explore and follow some directions.
What’s even better is that GeoGebra isn’t limited to teaching geometry. I also collected several GeoGebra files for a 6th grade ratios and proportions wiki. Check out the tape diagrams,  solving percents with bar models, comparing ratios, car race simulator, and more.

I am always looking for more middle school GeoGebra resources. If you can recommend any, please share.