First five days–subject to change, of course

Once again I’ve altered my plans from last year. I suspect before school starts on the 25th the plans will have changed again. This year I’ll need to be especially flexible and rethink learning experiences since our 7th grade will be 1:1 iPad.


We have students for 10 fewer minutes each period on the first day of school in order to issue lockers, hand out assignment notebooks and the like.  Because time is limited the kids will complete a brief cooperative group and communication challenge called You Want Me To Do WHAT? (see page 10). Students create a prototype out of miscellaneous supplies, complete a write up, then hand the directions to another group to recreate. This is my first time doing this activity but I’m looking forward to trying it out.


Classroom norms and expectations will be discussed in social studies and reinforced in math. I’ll note what went well yesterday and what didn’t. After the lecture burst, students will share a bit about themselves using an activity I found on A Sea of Math. It’s called Figure Me Out!  The students use the numbers in their life–birth year, house number, etc. and create expressions using rational numbers. I modified the directions a bit to include a criteria for success.


If there’s enough time I’ll have students swap their Figure Me Outs so they can figure out each other! If not we’ll get to it on Wednesday.


Continuing with getting to know you, the students will complete A Create Your Own Graphing Story iMovie. This is something I did last year (minus the video). I show the “How to be Interesting” book trailer, then follow it with a brief presentation on graphing stories that include several examples.



Pre-assessment on integers and wrap up the iMovie.

Students will have a four day weekend so I’ll have time to look over the pre-assessment and hit the ground running on Tuesday.

Use the link below to check out other bloggers who are sharing their first week plans.


2 thoughts on “First five days–subject to change, of course

  1. What a treasure trove of ideas! Thank you for sharing – I am planning on borrowing liberally. Good luck – it sounds like you and your students will have a great start to the school year.

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