Standards based choice assessment

For the past couple of years our math curriculum committee has been focusing on creating performance based assessments with leveled problems. Now that we have a clear vision of the standards and what we want our students to know and be able to do I want to start offering some variety, some choice.

I’m toying with the idea of offering choice once per quarter. Here’s a 2-5-8 menu I created for adding and subtracting integers.

integer menu1

integer menu2integer menu3

In addition to the differentiated content, I like how this format requires the student to do much more thinking and problem solving because they have to come up with their own scenarios and problems. Even the Knowledge and Comprehension levels ask students to think.

One element that is missing is differentiating by product. What options do you suggest? Ideally they shouldn’t take hours to assess. Also if you have other activities to suggest or other input please comment.

2 thoughts on “Standards based choice assessment

  1. Mary, I think this project has potential and will work in my own classroom. Thanks for sharing and passing it along. I find that students seem to be more engaged with these types of projects. I like that you gave your class options in completing the assignment and as I read your post I kept on wondering what the final product would look like. This might be a project that could conclude with a student presentation component. Are students going to complete the assignment and present/publish their project? It doesn’t have to be digital, although some students may want to use a video or app to complete the different sections of the assignment.

    Have you thought of possibly using a general rubric for the evaluation? In the rubric you may want to include progress monitoring checkpoints and a timeline. Here’s one of my earlier project rubrics from last year. I’m looking forward to hearing how the projects turns out.

    1. Thanks for sharing your flowboard rubric. I could easily modify the met and not yet to each choice and use it as a checkpoint. I’m thinking I might not assign points because, for me, if it’s a not yet, it’s not ready to turn in. As far as the presentation portion, I’m starting to envision students presenting in small groups and assessing each other. I did that while teaching lit and it worked very well. I have a rubric I could modify for that. Instead of bringing a discussion tool to the book club meeting, the activities could be tools to bring to a concept conference. The student models”the tools” or invites the small group to participate. This concept conference could be completed in a class period, and done throughout the year without getting stale.

      Matt, thanks so much for your ideas. As I think things through I’ll share more.

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