Day 6: Launching problem solving with a think-aloud

A think-aloud for day 6. It’s a tad more detailed than my usual post-its. Plus, I didn’t want to rewrite it so I’m sending you the 180 blog today.

180 days of math post-its

I want the students to get used to solving group tasks and non routine problems. I also want to do more with reading instruction in math so I solicited our reading specialist to script a think-aloud for a specific task. I really didn’t solicit; she’s been encouraging the non-reading teachers to utilize her. So I did. It worked fabulously.

The task I chose was a  Basketball Camp task I found in Charlotte Danielson’s A Collection of Performance Tasks & Rubrics: Middle School Mathematics. Side bar: Amazon provides a wonderful preview of tasks when you “look inside”.  The task isn’t a mind bender, but there is a lot of information to consider. Take the train, or fly. Sign up for individual or group lessons.  Determine the possibilities then make your recommendation.

I let the students attempt the problem in groups before I did the think aloud. The six groups had some…

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