Graphing stories ice breaker

Here’s a fun (I hope), creative, and uber-easy-to-implement icebreaker. I call it Create Your Own Graphing Stories and it is inspired by Sarah’s blog post at Everybody is a Genius.

Everything’s included in this PowerPoint, but for you visual learners:

To get the creative juices flowing, show students this video. If you are adventuresome, include the “Grow a Pair” segment and pretend you don’t know what it means, else stop at the 40 second mark.

You can also skip the video and show these examples that are in the PowerPoint:

card53_l card162 card405 card3494-380x233 card3533-380x232

I’ll then offer the students these possibilities to create their own graphing stories. Of course, they can make up their own.


They’ll need some time to think. Some students may generate more ideas than others, but as long as they can create at least one graphing story I’ll be satisfied. After they’ve sketched out their ideas they can finalize them on index cards.

Students will share in small groups and as a class. Afterwards we’ll decorate the classroom by hanging them with fishing line.

If time permits and depending on the class atmosphere, we can follow up with more philosophical graphing stories such as:

Link to Forbes article: How to be interesting.

Again, it’s all in the PowerPoint.

Sarah, thank you for the inspiration and pointing me to Indexed.

3 thoughts on “Graphing stories ice breaker

    1. Hi Julie!

      I also like the idea of hanging them. I need to post more student work and this is a quick and easy way to decorate the room.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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