Insane idea? Growth mindset memes!

Jo Boaler’s course is like a good book that can’t be put down. I finished session 4 and the last task is to create an activity in which we, “Think of ways to communicate positive messages. Be creative. Don’t just think of things to say.”

I got to thinking about other ways we communicate and I thought of hand gestures–Thumbs up, fist bump, etc.  I found images and threw them into a Google presentation. The idea is for students to talk about what those non verbal messages communicate, then they could create memes. We’ll print out a few for the classroom and students can select their favorite to print out and keep in their binder or glue it on the cover of their math notebook.

If you stumble upon an image that you’d like to add, feel free to do so.

Our school librarian will go nuts over the use of color copier!


4 thoughts on “Insane idea? Growth mindset memes!

  1. I am going to have my students create a math character that the develop throughout the year. I love the idea of using meme’s and will find a way to incorporate this. Are you interested in finding a way for our students to share their meme’s with each other?

    1. Perhaps we could create an Edmodo group to share! I’ll contact you. I like your idea of “character development”. I teach one section of literature and the students could connect how characters grow and change in a novel with how they’ve grown as a math learner. I’m glad school hasn’t started yet so I can flesh this out!
      I’ll be in touch.

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