Math practice websites: a stormy relationship

I have a rocky relationship with math practice websites. Until there’s artificial intelligence,teacher inside

And I don’t know of any math teacher who has accepted that job. The working conditions are really confining.

But if you are looking to differentiate math practice using Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) scores, check out the collection of sites gathered by Royal Oaks Elementary School in Woodbury, MN. Nancy McGuiness has taken the time organize practice sites by topic which are then sorted by RIT score.

Math MAPMath MAP algebra
Some RIT bands have as many as 15 websites to choose from, others have as few as five. Some are game based, others are the equivalent of taking a paper-pencil, multiple choice test. There are links to NCTM’s Virtual Manipulatives, BBC, Shodor, Pearson, and Nelson Education. It’s convenient, one stop shopping.

Math MAP dorkMath MAP decimal

The categories listed on the Royal Oaks site do not reflect the latest MAP topics of Algebra & Functions, Real & Complex Number Systems, Geometry, and Statistics & Probability, but that’s minor complaint.
Occasionally I use these math practice websites in class and some students really put forth the effort. The reluctant learners however tend to either click on anything just to get through the exercise or they are not independent enough to work alone.

Based on my experience this is a learning activity that requires monitoring and guidance. That is, of course, until Intel gets that teacher inside.


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