Planning for the unexpected

I’m one of those teachers who needs to create “go to” lesson plans for when I am unexpectedly absent. Up until recently I was of the mindset of relying on the sub to introduce new concepts. I so wanted learning to continue that I even went as far as to create an instructional video on zero pairs for the sub to show in class. Unfortunately the sub did not have the math background to answer questions or to verify the students were using zero pairs correctly.

That’s not fair to the sub and it’s not fair to the students. So now I am one step closer to creating “go to” lesson plans. They will be plans that emphasize review and not introduce new concepts. Here are two that have been inspired by fellow bloggers.

Dee Chadwick reminded me of a site a stumbled upon over the summer, Tarsia, a free, downloadable jigsaw and dominoes generator. Mr. Barton has posted numerous pre-made files that range from elementary to high school.

For adding and subtracting integers my 6th grade Advanced Math students absolutely loved this activity I left for the sub.

And here’s the actual puzzle pieces the students put together.

For my Standard math students, the kids really enjoyed this review on perimeter and area using decimals. Thanks, Angie for inspiring this activity.

I’m anxious to learn how other middle school teachers compile their sub “go-to” plans.

3 thoughts on “Planning for the unexpected

  1. Oh! Thanks so much for both of these! Angie’s Risk game has gone viral! I just love it so thank you for making a new version and sharing it! I can’t do Tarsia on my Mac so it’s also great to get that puzzle. 🙂

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